Start childcare

Starting a childcare from scratch can be an arduous procedure for someone new to the business. There are certain things that a new prospective childcare owner has to take into account, and there are inherently more risks involved for a new startup as compared to buying over an existing childcare. Here are some guidelines for you to consider:

  1. Consider initial costing. There are rather hefty startup costs involved like building and renovation, furniture, rental, utilities, administrative costs, staff wages, etc.
  2.  Attend early childhood courses. If you are planning to go full-time and do not have previous training, do sign-up for such courses to equip yourself.
  3.  Licensing. Eligible applicants must obtain all relevant licensing and approval from government agencies before being allowed to commence operations.
  4. Hours of operation. Most childcares open before 7pm and close after 7pm on weekdays, and before 7am and after 2pm on weekends.
  5. Types of programmes. There are various types of programs like full day care, half day care, flexible child care and student care programmes.
  6. Daily program schedule. The childcare should incorporate educational elements into their program that are suitable for the various age groups.
  7. Meals. Childcare centres are also encouraged to provide meals that meet the requirements of the Health Promotion Board (HPB).
  8. Staffing requirements. Your staff needs to meet the basic qualification and suitable in terms of age, health, personality, experience, knowledge and experience.
  9. Marketing plan. There needs to be a comprehensive and effective marketing plan in place to attract parents living nearby to enrol into your childcare.
  10. Branding. As a new childcare, your biggest challenge will be setting yourself apart from your competitors. As such, you would need to brand yourself well.

These are just some of the considerations if you were to start a childcare from scratch. And there is no guarantee that your childcare would be a success! A safer alternative would be simply to take over an existing childcare that has strong enrolment rates and consistent profits. For more information, just contact us with your enquiries.

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