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Founded in 2014, Edugrow Consulting Group is the leading consultancy group focus on helping family offices, private equities as well as leading early childhood preschool operators in their market expansion via our very own unique Edugrow Merger & Acquisition metric for the preschool and education segment.

Don Poh

The Founder

Don has always been an entreprenuer at heart. Don is a 3rd generation of the Poh Family, where his grandfather and granduncles succeeded in building up one of Singapore's most successful logistics company- Poh Tiong Choon Logistics. Always a driven and independent young man, Don decided to venture out on his own at the age of 25 to form what is known today as Edugrow Consulting Group.
From an early stage, Don saw what many failed the recognize, the importance of early childhood education. Having found a niche, Don decided to focus on providing family offices, private equities as well as leading preschool operators a one of a kind unique Merger & Acquisition approach in market expansion.
Having successfully consolidated 70% of the preschool sector in Singapore from 2015 to 2018, Don is now a well-known name in the preschool sector amongst family offices, private equities and leading preschool operators.


We understand your concerns about confidentiality. We have in place Non-Disclosure Agreements that we will strictly enforce while attracting qualified buyers in the entire procedure.

Professional service

Once you engage us, you can have the peace of mind that we will develop a comprehensive marketing plan to ensure you achieve the highest selling price in the shortest possible time. We pride ourselves on speed and only get paid when the sale is completed.

Strong network

EduGrow will expose your business to our large group of potential buyers and investors who are keen to expand or have expressed an interest to get started in the Singapore education business.

Why the early childhood business?

The childcare business is one of the most recession proof business you can find today. As of Jan 2015, there are a total of 1,160 childcares in Singapore with a total enrolment of 85,496. With an average full-day fee of $993/month, this means that the Childcare Sector in Singapore is an astounding $1B/year market!

With such a huge market, many people are clamouring for a piece of the pie. However, there are many barriers to entry to starting a brand new childcare. These can come in the form of high capital costs, operational costs, difficulty in finding quality staff, lack of branding, high initial marketing costs, difficulty in securing a suitable premise, stiff competition and many more. Faced with all these challenges, one of the easiest way to enter the childcare business is by taking over an established and profitable centre so that you put your money to work hard for you immediately.

In today’s society, it is very common for both parents to be working. In order to increase birth rates, government has introduced very heavy subsidies for parents who send their children to childcare centres. This simply means that the Singapore government is paying YOU – the childcare owner – for running your business.

We specialise in preschool and childcare brokerage, and our strength lies in our ability to connect the right investor to the right target. The whole process is carried out by our experienced business consultants who are able to guide you through the entire process. We leave no stone unturned, and we believe in providing professional and efficient services to all our clients.

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The Edugrow Guarantee Buy-Back Scheme

Edugrow Consulting Group will offer and buy any of your preschool/childcare business at the higher end of the market valuation within 2 weeks of you providing us with details of your business.

This will be after signing a none disclosure agreement with you.

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